Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who's wrong...

P. Sainath and Yogendra Yadav: both liberal, sensible people, who have done great, exemplary work in the media.

Last week's Sainath's article in The Hindu said:
At least two major newspapers have informed their desks that the word "recession" is not to be used in connection with India. Recession is something that happens in the United States, not here. The word stands exiled from the editorial lexicon. If a rather disastrous situation has somehow to be indicated, the term "downturn" or "slowdown" will suffice — and it is to be used with some discretion. But not recession. That would upset the happy buying mood so vital amongst media audiences for the economy to come out of, er, um, well, recession.
This don't-worry-be-happy decree throws up both funny and tragic situations. Several times, publications in this denial mode sport headlines telling us "the worst is over and recovery is just around the corner." 

Now, in today's Hindu, Yadav writes:

The media has tried but failed to make the global meltdown a factor in our politics.
One of them has got it fully wrong. But how come? Can one write anything and get away with it? We aint talking about Hindutva spin-doctors here, but liberals!

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