Sunday, January 10, 2010

3 Idiots

At last I gave in to curiosity and saw 3 Idiots. (How? Its not released in France, so... ;-))

I loved the begining of the movie. The way Madhavan stopped and got out of a flight, and how got up from the wheel chair- stretching and all - then the other Idiot forgetting his pants, the many smart things Aamir does, the comedy with the rot learning nerd, the way students offered milk to a snake and grass to a cow at the time of exams, having a rather strong Muslim character, the huge puja that goes on in their room - I enjoyed them all. But then the rest of it was an obvious Bollywood movie, a let down. I cringed when Aamir used his inventions (create an inverter from car batteries and then used the vacuum cleaner to create a device that sucks the baby out) to deliver the baby, in situ. Well, plenty of things like that, but in the end they displayed some beautiful scenery from Ladakh, so there was some point in watching the second half. But, too much unbelievable masala to me.

But 45 years old Aamir acting as a college lad...?? Apart from the wrinkles on his face, it was all right to me. Aamir deserves a lot of praise. And I thought of the actors we Malayalees never cease to be proud of, especially Mohanlal. In Unnaipol Oruvan, the remake of A Wednesday, I felt Mohanlal was so horrible, with his acting, his accent and his huge pot-belly. Aamir is willing to create eight pack for one movie, and then burn them down for the next. Where as our Lalettan cannot even make proper facial expression thanks to the fat. But yet, Malayalees go gaga, Mohanlal is the best, even better than Tom Hanks, hehe.

I liked the movie much more than 5 point someone, the book which was a starting point for the movie. But to me the film fails short of being in the level of Taare Zameen Par, Rang De Basanti (flawed as it is) and Lagaan.