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A sad answer to the quest of fun | A honest intellectual inquiry

Sex makes everything complicated. --Even when you don't have it, the not having it... makes things complicated. Which is why it's usually better to have it.
-- The Holiday.

Why did love - and sex - complicate life so much? It would be far simpler for us not to have to worry about them.

How terrible to be a man, and to have sex on one's mind all the time, as men are supposed to do?

-- Mma Ramotswe.The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency.

Sex complicates every relation. Why?

Why are we here, on top of earth? Why are we here for?

If you believe in Science, then you are here to procreate, spread your genes around, more and more. And sex is one of the most important act here. So, everybody should be doing it with everyone else (without a STD), with the idea of making the world full of your healthy kids.

But here, the ladies have a problem, they have a tough gestation period before the baby comes out, and hence its not possible for them to fuck around and conceive every random man's kid. They have to be selective here, so that the kid will be healthy enough to spread her genes in an optimum way. The feeling of love is just a quality assurance process here.

However, if you are using a good contraceptive, the problem of eggs getting fertilized does not arise. Have a good sleep after sex, get up, take a bath, have a good breakfast and go to office. Simple as that, it should be.

Then, why is sex making things so complicated? Why people are generally so choosy about it, give it so much importance, especially about with whom they are doing it?

We were talking about the Natural part here. There is a Nurture part also. That ie, the culture part.

Before getting in to the culture part, there could be another "evolutionary" reason for this. If a man or woman has a history of fucking a lot of people, then they may not stay for long in the relation; like, they may continue to cheat or they may call the relation a day, and get on to newer things, without really bothering about hurting the partner or the societal norms. So the sexual history may give a clue about the reliability of the guy or lady, which is very important from an evolutionary/reproductive point of view. Point valid, even in the presence of a contraceptive.

Now, let me get into the societal/culture part. Society dictates sex should not be done with every random drone on the street. It should be done with people whom you love. Or with whom you are married to. If you are married to someone or is in love with someone, and does sex with someone else, you are cheating. But why? If you are using a contraceptive, is it not just like, well, kissing someone on their cheek?

If you ask Engels, he will say society has set this rule because of its Paternal mentality, i.e, ladies should be chaste enough to identify the proper inheritor of the man's property. If a lady fucks with random people everyday and conceives a kid with a father with an ambiguous identity, it will become tough to identify the inheritance of a man's property. But here also, the lady should conceive, and if a contraceptive is used, the problem does not arise.

So the reluctance to do sex, or the feeling that sex makes things complicated, is it just a remnant of the Paternal society Engels was talking about, when contraceptives were not discovered or commonly used? Are more and more people becoming less chaste, or bother less about doing sex, because of the availability of contraceptives?

But there is the religious reason. Abrahamic religions have tough rules about fucking. And Hinduism, even though initially a strong supporter of free sex, became affected by the Abrahamic religions and the Victorian attitude towards sex. So is sex so complicated because of Religion? But then, athiests should be fucking around all the time, which is not the case. But are atheists more open to sex than a strong theist? Perhaps.

Another reason for the reluctance to do sex must come from the fact that while doing it you are opening up your body for someone else, which you dont do all the time. So, you are being selective about whom you are doing this intimate process with. But this is just like the reluctance of showing your not-so-impressive body when you are going to swim. Or doing push-ups in a crowded city center, in front of other people. All the feelings which will disappear in due course :-)

So, in the scenario where the possibility of a pregnancy is ruled out, the only reasons I could think of the importance of carefully selecting the person with whom you do sex with comes from the 1) Keeping a safe sexual history of a person which could be important later 2) The reluctance to do an intimate, physical process with a random guy (or a girl) 3) Religion.

Fuck, silly, what about the emotional part? You are so silly. You do sex when you are emotionally close with someone. That is what complicates everything. Everything else is secondary.

Hmm, but that was covered in the evolutionary section of this post, aint so? Emotion is just an evolutionary tool to....

Or is it? Just like the choice of a man in choosing to use a contraceptive in direct contradiction with evolutionary/reproductive theory(which wants him to fuck around like crazy, subject to maintaining good health), is his brain so heavily wired up that it's products like emotion is no longer just an evolutionary tool? That means, we cannot rationalize that sex should not be complicated?

Hmm, yes, perhaps, till science solves the nature vs nurture question about emotion. Till then, if one feels sex is complicated, we might have to allow them to feel so.

Thats sad. For a guy especially.

Note: This article should be considered as a "honest intellectual enquiry post" or at least a "humour post"(Where's the humour?). I aint that bad.

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