Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where did we eat breakfast when in Chickmagalur?

I can never forget about the *next* meal I am going to take. Got a helluva pot belly to prove that. This causes me to remember all the hotels I've ever been to. Especially the good ones and the horrible ones. When I go to a place near one of such hotel that earned a "good" rating in my list, the hotel and its food will occupy a major part of my mind, and I grow restless, till I go and eat something from there. Guess my fellow travellers, friends or family, dont share this quality of mine, so they may not enjoy this as much as I do(in fact most of them cant take it!)

So, if I happened to eat from a Kamat hotel(whose all branches I love), that too in Chikmagalur (with not so many good hotels), how can I forget it? And how I wont take a photograph to remind myself of the glories of the olden days?

So, here goes for all those who doubted whether we indeed had our breakfast from Kamat hotel in Chickmagalur.

Though this photo, by itself does not prove that we ate from there; since this is a hotel in Chickmagalur (proved by online records), it is probable that we ate from here. And since this the only hotel picture we have from our trip to Chickmagalur(not other areas we visited in the trip), it must be the only place from we ate!


Arun said...

How was the trip(chikmagalur)?

Arun said...

ട്രിപ്പ്‌ അടിപൊളി ആയിരുന്നു. പോയത് രണ്ടര കൊല്ലം മുന്പാനെന്നു മാത്രം.