Saturday, February 11, 2012

Where social revolutions will be born is clear

So, what have you done to change things that you feel angry about, are disgusted with?

I am an active node in social networks, where I try to share and re-share articles that convey my anger, in spite of them being uncool, unfunny and might annoy a few friends who have been made callous by a long treatment of cultural hegemony.

That's my contribution.

Doesn't that sound pathetic? Just being an inanimate node in some virtual network, just transferring information, just like thousands of others?

In fact, not. These days, revolutions are born in virtual social networks and the Internet! What a powerful thing it is! The creation of capitalism (the Internet, in fact, of military), created to maximize profits, changing the world in ways one would have never thought about, sitting on the head of Capital itself (and feudalism too, to be clear)! It has around 1/7th of the whole world in there, a majority of people in those powerful countries that can really change things all over the world, and half a million people from Kerala, vast majority of it young. (Facebook "been there" for Kerala says 1 million, let me make a safe estimate that half of them are from Kerala itself). Our social revolution can happen right here! So, keep provoking people! Keep sharing! Keep writing your comments! Keep liking what you like! Keep disagreeing, keep challenging lines of thought that should have been in the dust bin long back. Even as scared governments, being the "legitimate" guardians of the rotten system, are trying hard to prevent us from doing all of that.

By the way, naysayers of Facebook, how wrong history will prove you to be?