Tuesday, November 9, 2010

CasteNoBar in Indian Matrimonial sites

Result of an argument with a friend. I searched the matrimonial sites belonging to BharatMatrimoney.com (i.e BengalMatrimony.com, KeralaMatrimoney.com, etc), for Bride: 18-40 years, Hindu, based in India. Result of CasteNoBar as percentage of total results is given below.

bengal: 9766/26297 = 37%
gujarat: 3841/12009 = 32%
punjab: 3569/11728 = 30%
marathi: 6869/28970 = 24%
hindi: 14967/67033 = 22%
kannada: 2499/13811= 18%
oriya: 1593/9655 = 16.5%
marwari: 295/1998 =15%
tamil: 6737/48617 = 13.8%
telugu: 4797/36213= 13.24%
kerala: 4596/41284 = 11%

According to the results, Bengal clearly comes on top, and Kerala at the bottom. Majority of southern states are at the bottom.

But Kerala is also having among the highest number of results for the query, second only to Tamilnadu and North India (Hindi). And if you normalize it with respect to Hindu population in each state, it is clearly at the top.

Saying something interesting about the cultures of these states? I think so.


journalost said...

you should also have searched for Brides: non-religious, instead of only 'Hindus'. Chances are those who have little preferences on caste-based relationships may also be non-relgious.

Arun said...

thanks for your comment :)

yes, that would have certainly been more correct, but i my guess is that it would not have made a lot of difference to the numbers because there are very few non-religious people in our country. whatever CasteNoBar we have is not mostly because they are not religious, its just because caste is no more very important in some circles in some parts of the country...

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