Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random thought 1235

The purpose of uploading pictures into Facebook is to impress others. That one's living a life that's not too bad. In fact it's much better than yours.

We need to prove to others constantly that our lives are going good. That the choices we made in life - the courses and jobs we selected, the time we wasted, the partners we ended up having - were not wrong. That we are having fun, we are being loved, we are traveling to beautiful places, my girlfriend can be good looking at times, or in fact I succeeded in my life because see, I got the prettiest wife among all my old classmates...Now be jealous!

Facebook helps one to prove to himself that he's doing well in life.

Why do we need Facebook? Why dont we stop faking, etc, etc? Of course such is life.

I feel that if you dont talk in Facebook about the best moments that you feel you are having in your life, or upload the pictures of them, then you have risen above the average mass of humanity, and is living more close to your soul. Or it is because you have nothing worth talking about in your life. In fact you are not living.


journalost said...

What has facebook got to do with it? If there was no facebook before, there were social gatherings in which men and women pretty much did the same. They talked instead of status-updating or demonstrated instead of photo-uploading.

I dont agree that every status update or photo upload is to show others how happy and successful you are, although yea, you do have a point.

But I think facebook is only a tool. Human beings seem insecure about their relationships and the way they handle life most of the time, that they need to convince at least their own selves all is fine.

Arun said...


Its not just about facebook... Its about people...

Some random thought while wasting time in facebook brought up this post, that explains the heavy facebook reference I guess...

Thanks for your comment.