Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Obama in India

All the events and speeches were carefully choreographed. Journalists were distributed his schedules to the precision of minutes at times (i.e at 9.00 meeting with x, at 9.05: meeting with z, 9.10: speech about agricultural innovation in india). It seems that even the sequence of declarations - about Gandhi, Pakistan being important partner in "War on Terror" to "India has already risen", and finally UNSC and Pakistan again; so that the reactions were carefully manipulated.

(Above points, thanks to watching a pretty journalist Ms. Sara Jacob talking in NDTV).

Obviously Obama was advised to the extent of favorite Indian cliches - "India cannot be visited, it can only be experienced".

About the media love for whatever he and his wife was doing, can we call ourselves a democracy with a free media? For example, the fact that hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in Iraq for no reason, and all the horrible problems that it has done to the Muslim world, its own lack of principles in everything from a-z, that India really is not a world leader in cutting edge agricultural technology, that the American spending on Iraq war was around a trillion and is more than enough to offset any recession, that Obama once wanted to change the world and is now clearly the establishment... Everything was left alone, instead the Pronnoy Roys and the Shekhar Guptas went counting the camels that were there in the PM's dinner orchestra, and what Ms. Obama was wearing,... There's clearly no sense of justice or reality in Indian media.

And about Obama, the guy uses teleprompters (they installed in the parliament for his speech). So he's merely reading a written speech by looking at the teleprompter on both sides. And if you remove his speeches from what he has done in public sphere, its almost zero. So since he's not a great orator but merely a good speech reader from a teleprompter (like a news guy), what can we conclude...

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