Thursday, August 18, 2011

Drink beer, talk about cars

Thinking of the way in which men handle people in general, compared to how women do the same, I am left wondering how come it is possible to have men in management/administrative/leadership positions. Men get upset so fast, they are always behaving as though it is a fight and everyone is trying to beat them up and is unfair to them. Fuck off is the strategy. Whereas working women in general seem to assume others are more childlike or foolish whose tantrums you have to stand, and always seem to have a polished yet firm response.

Now, this is of course not true for many men. Especially for what I would call the cosmopolitan men, who are comfortable with the world, men, women. They can handle things in a simple way. I am only talking about the hardheaded-fool type you meet so often at work and elsewhere (and one rarely meets such women).

One can say men are brought up to be fighters and women are brought up to stand them, etc. Nothing original about these thoughts, just writing it down because I have ended up in a lab filled with testosterone (12 men and no woman), and hence suffering. Men just assume that the beer-drinking, talking-about-cars-and-stockmarket-men we see so often in hollywood movies are so them, and being nice and sensitive is a woman's job. As a result, lunches and coffee are nightmares these days.

Update: Friend says too much generalization. I agree. Just that the concentration of a few such people provoked me to generalize and curse the manhood.

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