Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rankings are a joke

In the freedom of press rankings published by Reporters Sans Frontiers, India comes at 122, just above Zimbabwe. Dictatorships like UAE and Congo, along with a host of other dictatorships, come ahead of us. Saudi Arabia is ahead of Sri Lanka, China and Syria. What a joke, these rankings!!

Speaking for India: India is a country where someone could not become a prime minister because of the huge media cry about "stock markets are plunging, earth is shaking, she cannot be the PM". It is a country where media alleges corruption in the government every single day (while involving in corruption themselves). While most media is heavily biased (to ideologies, at least), and, even while attacks on journalists and newspaper happen at some places, on the whole - criticism is indeed a way of life in Indian media, especially compared to several other countries above India in the list, who do not even know what criticism of the Government even means.

The rankings are indeed a joke.