Monday, May 25, 2009

Passenger and Bhagyadevata

Passenger and Bhagyadevata are reasonably good films, especially when compared to the trash we have been receiving in Malayalam cinema for many years now. There are problems with these films of course, but I found some moments of brilliance as well, so I would recommend a watch.

(Some thing about the plot below - so please dont read before watching)

1. I liked most of Passenger, especially most of the things that happened with trains as reference. The main problem I found with the film is the highly incredible plot created by the villain (Jagathy - the corrupt Home minister) to kill thousands of people with a plane crash so that some mining lobby is saved. Killing a few people for a  private industry is plausible, but wiping out a whole area, that too with the crash of the private jet of a liquor baron... the minister must be afraid of the noose... wont he?

2. When I watched Bhagyadevatha, I found it better than Passenger, except for the "climax". An anti-dowry film ended up in the most conservative manner, and almost pro-dowry, pro-establishment, pro-chastity, etc etc. Note: The film's associate director - Sreebala Menon's book - 19 Canal Road is one of the best "light" books I read recently(i.e one year back!), and I highly recommend that.

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Pyari K said...

Hmmm.. Year 2009 gave Malayalees lot of movies which were really worth watching.