Sunday, May 3, 2009

Liberal p.o.v in Indian blogosphere

Once upon a time, the Indian blogosphere was dominated by a set of bloggers who were called as the "libertarian cartel". Most of the famous bloggers who wrote on politics, economics or foreign policy were either libertarians or (to a lesser extend) right wing conservatives (anti-reservation, Hindu nationalists). There were some bloggers who offered the point of views from other sides of the political/economic spectrum, but the fact that the blogosphere was dominated by the "cartel" says something about its state. As an ardent blog reader, who spends a lot of time in office reading blogs, and who likes to hear good news from the liberal end, I used to feel bad sometimes ;-)

Currently, I find a set of excellent scientists/academics have started into regular blogging, and I find their blogs extremely interesting. All of them are eminent researchers, are extremely well read, comments on a large array of fields (from politics to music and food), very liberal and almost activist- like. They are from the elite Indian research institutions like IMSc, TIFR and IISc. (Though I doubt if a random sample among Indian academists from the better known schools and research institutes (like TIFR, IISc, IIT) will give us such people: in fact I doubt the average Indian academic (on a random sample) might have a U-namam on his temple. )

So: perhaps this is the liberal answer to the "cartel", at least as far as I am concerned. Here are these blogs:

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