Sunday, May 3, 2009

Now who will N. Ram recruit?

N. Ram's sidekick vis-a-vis China and Tibet, The Hindu's China correspondent, Pallavi Aiyer is moving out of China. She writes in her "farewell article", through reporting on China:

Instead of answers I only found more questions. What is the real nature of freedom? Can a society free to become rich but not to criticise be called free? From what source do governments gain their legitimacy? Can stability and social justice legitimately be prioritised over free speech?

Ultimately, I found myself increasingly eschewing black and white, while my fascination for the shades of grey that permeated China, grew. This was a country of oxymorons; an officially atheist country in the midst of a religious revival; a country of dynamic bottom-up resistance in a top-down system. It was a country, moreover, where every street and every contradiction was shot through with the irrepressible spirit of Chinese-ness.

I used to find her articles really boring, and her articles almost never reflected the "shades of grey": rather, it was all rosy, even though she is saying that even she was confused about the whole thing!

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