Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some people

Some people do not know what to do about the life they've got.

They know about a lot of things, are quite brilliant when they try, etc. But they just dont try, most of the time. Either due to laziness, or because they are unable to focus, or , they dont want to focus, or, they dont know why they like they are. I hate such people. Such self-loathing, immature, lazy fools.

For them, such feelings of sadness get worst when its in the evening. When the sunny day becomes bleak and dark. When they get hungrier. When they feel so lonely and all feel they can no more talk to anyone. When they are just 2 days away from living 25 years in this world. A major landmark, when they will no longer be considered young persons who are allowed experiment with their lives. But they are still experimenting with what they must do in their life. With no clue. Lazily. Carelessly.

Do they just end up writing odes to depression, in the dark corners of their labs? Wishing if they did not think so much about everything... Wishing to see an angel when they wake up in the morning, who tells them the secret of success, of happiness? Of contented lives? And others look at these people and say, stop moaning you self-loathing, immature fool, and say, stop thinking and do some work?

What must be wrong with these people? The way neurons are wired up in their brains are more complicated? Are some electric pulses getting leaked, going to the centers that produce sadness? Is their a magnifying filter to the sadness areas, or is the thinking affecting the pulses going elsewhere and are drawing them to wrong places...

They sometimes feel like copying a sentence from friends who are now happy but were once moaning, and write it: "I feel like flying away from this earth and turn back and show a middle finger at the whole fucking world"...

How to monetize your blog. Huh. How to manage your time. And money. And calories.

To top it all: they are working on building a fridge management software for human computer interaction project. fridge management software. love.

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