Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In search of some motivation.

Let me just link to a beautiful and inspiring article here: Dream your own dream - Rama Govindarajan. A few days into hitting a quarter century in life, I am finding myself suddenly tired, hopeless and pointless, unable to decide on which path to take, unable to find inspiration to proceed. Suddenly I am having doubts about the purpose of everything. This article was helpful. Let me quote:

Just don’t be scared to experiment, to spend a few years as a no-
If you are the type who likes every day to be different,
scientific research is the career for you. If you like working with
young people with bright ideas, who keep you on your toes, and if
you like teaching yourself new concepts, this is the career for you.
If you are prepared to toil long and desperately for the dazzling
discovery you are not sure you’ll make, this is the life to choose!

An important ingredient for success is the willingness to push yourself to work really, really hard (no surprises there, yet I found it relevant :))
A beautiful, relevant video I saw recently:

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