Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome - First impressions

1) It seems so thin and light. Ten tabs on firefox is a heavy load for my comp's CPU and memory. Chrome seems better.
2) Quick. It opens quickly, also guess it does some sort of DNS searches and fetches the possible web addresses (or did I imagine it?)
3) Its so fast. On orkut, I get real time page loading. Better use of cache and history?
4) It imported everything (history etc) in Firefox and is giving me the same facilities I got in Firefox. For eg: To reach, in IE I guess I've to type abc to get the address from history, but for FF 3 and Chrome, this works even if I type xyz.
5) The looks, especially the colours, are nothing worth talking about.
6) The spellcheck has some problems in Chrome? It aint working well!!
7) Where are the addons? FF has no competition here!!
8) Themes?
9) Less tweakability as of now. But open source it is! So we have to just wait and watch.
10) Privacy? Its so fast that I wonder what they are doing with the cache and history. But its open source, so some techie please figure out whats going on.

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