Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Deja Vu.. Been here, done this before. Many times.

Another one.
Its a book I've been reading. Sadly, the mood swings and some other things have been kept me away from the book. Hope I'll complete it soon.

I want to travel. And a very short one, to a not-so-famous destination. Alone, probably. Glad that summer is over.

Seth- he is a complicated person- most good authors are. In this book I do not see these complications- but - when someone asked him elsewhere- "Mr.Seth, are you a happy person?", he replied- "I am not an inherently sad person. I do value happiness. But once upon a time I used to think that being glum and Byronic is cool". I hope I too will change for good :)

He also said that if not for this travel through Tibet and his first book, he would have probably ended up as an economist.

I bought this book more than an year ago. I found it unreadable then. Perhaps I am improving? Or was I forcing myself then?

Anyway, I did not realize that there are so many Muslim areas in China. And that Awara was so famous there. I did not like the song much, though.

Saw this film- Caramel. Women are an enigma. They have periods and pregnancies and associated problems, and then they walk around trying to look beautiful- all the time. They wear tough, hurting heels, cover their face and hair with so many chemicals that they cannot wash their face when in office, carries with them the makeup box all the time, sits down to "wax" their body... And then wears the kinds of clothes that, while keeping them at the center of attention all the time, keeps them uncomfortable ( Run to catch a bus? A gust, you have to check whether the clothes are not embarrassing you? ) as well. They do not eat proper, tasty food. And many of them cook, keep a home running, and go to work.


Arun said...

Which book? Finished reading?

Arun said...

I guess we too leave pheromone traces.

The book is the name of the blog. Stopped reading it halfway :(


ramapithecus said...

never thought u will name ur blog this way...:) its a surprise!and its good, man!swear!and its a pleasure to read malayalam...u should keep this up...