Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vicky Christina Barcelona

Why did I love this movie? Is it because I expected a normal Woody Allen movie with himself as the central character, but instead found an extremely eye-candy film, with beautiful Barcelona, architecture, houses, sights and above all the main characters - all four of them really, really pleasing to the eye? Or because I was interested in the contrast between the factory-made-zombie-life and the free-love-creative-life, both with its own happiness, problems and boredom? To imagine the beautiful life the three characters live together, in a beautiful Spanish house, eating lunch in the garden bench everyday, with wine, making love to each other, LOVING each other, involving in creative pursuits, making excellent paintings and photographs; yet one of them getting bored with this life and wanting something different, leaving the other two messed up to the extend of being angry and splitting up? To watch the conformist turning into passionate lover who cheats upon her fiancee, yet going back to the conformist ways with plenty of guilt and want, just to be provoked back again, yet again going back, with a bored look on her face, yet too insistent about living the conformist life... While the other one who had not one but two great, passionate lovers; who helped her move from a diffident good-for-nothing-rebel to a confident-photographer, but wanted to leave them to look for more or different, with a confused, curious look on her face, and as the film says, sure only of what she does not like... Or because I found the male character idolizable, getting through all those beautiful ladies with perfect charm and never forcing anything? I do not know. But I LOVED this movie.

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