Sunday, May 9, 2010


This is about an article by Pervez Hoodbhoy in Dawn titled "Faisal Shahzad, anti-Americanism, and terror", reproduced in The Hindu here.

"Instead of pronouncing moral judgments on everything and anything, we Pakistanis need to reaffirm what is truly important for our people: peace, economic justice, good governance, rule of law, accountability of rulers, women's rights, and rationality in human affairs. Washington must be firmly resisted, but only when it seeks to drag Pakistan away from these goals. More frenzied anti-Americanism will only produce more Faisal Shahzads."

Is it not about letting the United States get away with whatever they want? Like more of Chile, Iran, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba (long list).

Yet, it would be wrong to scorn the humanitarian impulse behind U.S. assistance in times of desperation. Shall we simply write off massive U.S. assistance to Pakistan at the time of the dreadful earthquake of 2005? Or to tsunami affected countries in 2004 and to Haiti in 2010? In truth, the U.S. is no more selfish or altruistic than any other country of the world. And it treats its Muslim citizens infinitely better than we treat non-Muslims in Pakistan.

I wonder how much percentage of the US military budget for Iraq/Afghanistan would be the total "massive" aid they gave to Pakistan, Haiti etc. It may be true that other countries are no less selfish, but US's position as the most powerful country in the world puts it at a different position. George W. Bush should be tried for killing millions in unnecessary war, which Obama doesn't agree even though he has been saying that Bush has been wrong from the beginning. Yet, reg: Haiti, there was an "AID coalition" between Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, and , and thus GWB was brought back to public sphere, his untouchability forgotten, thus giving him some kind of legitimacy.

So what should we do? Mind our own business till the US meddles in ours? I do not think so. Should I link to "First they came.." by Martin Niemöller? Now "self interest" is not the only reason I want to protest against the US... Just leaving a sample video.

Some clarification:

I am talking about secular, political resistance, not about killing innocent people on the basis of silly religions and holy wars.


അനില്‍ ചോര്‍പ്പത്ത് said...

I am happy finally you got an enemy and a goal :-).

I think the word Anti-americanism is distracting ( At least most of our friends doing studies wont like the word)

Shouldn't it be Anti-imperialism?

Arun said...

Anil :)

About enemy and goal - its only a fleeting thought when I am in a fatalistic mood. There are other moods in which things are more ideal and optimistic!

Yes, its difficult to categorize things like this. Its definitely not merely America. Its not even only the West. Even anti-India sentiments are justifiable in several cases.