Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flight back home

I take the flight from Paris to Abu Dhabhi. Everything normal. People all nice.

I take the flight from Abhi Dhabhi to Kochi. I see at least 5 men around the air hostesses' cabin at any point of time (asking for tissues, a glass of water, beer, etc etc). She has to shoo them away, instead of the normal, "service oriented" behavior. Men just wait near toilet, for nothing, even after coming back from the loo(air hostesses are walking past them, a "brush" is probable, a "rub" is possible) . I join the queue for the toilet. A guy asks me to move, as if he has to go to the other side of the queue. Instead he just walks past me to the toilet (mine was next). After some time, another does the same, but this time I firmly tell him to bug off and stand behind me. After I go back to my seat, I see a man standing up and fainting. Air hostesses try to help him, giving water and telling him to do some things (breathing etc). The guy says he fainted after eating the mouth freshener they gave (a pack of sweet jeera, not a probable cause). Other people sitting near him start to blame him (he is still recovering), "dont put what you get free to your mouth just like that, otherwise this is what will happen", and enlightens their friends 3 seats down the aisle ("pulli kannikkandathellaam vizhungi, pinne ingane undaavaathirikkumo").

A major difference between first and second flight: second flight full of Malayali males.

I come back home, to hear wonderful stories about an arranged marriage that is happening at my house. Quite personal now, so cannot share them. But, wonderful in the sense...

A few years back, when I read similar posts about Mallu men, I got all angry, and called the blog writers "elitist" "western" etc. Now my actions are having to swallow those words.

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