Monday, December 21, 2009

Politics of Indian youth

I want to write this down before the anger boils down :)

The other day, at an outing with my classmates, we had a discussion about my classmate (a girl) who keeps posting against Jean Sarkozy (Sarkozy's son, who is being awarded so many plush governmental positions - a clear case of nepotism). (Digression: how many Indian girls will post in Facebook against, say, Rahul Gandhi?). So one French guy told - 95 % of students are either leftist or apolitical. Only less than 5% are right wing. Well obviously this is a knee jerk figure, but I think we can be safe that at least the vast majority is either leftist or apolitical.

Today I was having a lunch with 2 Indians, major computer science researchers, one of whom reached France only a few days back. Soon the discussion turned into Microsoft Research; both of them being die hard fans of Microsoft. I being a fan of google, which is taking on microsoft normally, with "dont be evil" etc, tried to argue a little about why Microsoft is not very great (in business google or apple is on the rise and microsoft is going down, and in research microsoft is not a challenge to university level research anyway). But both of them were fanatic microsoft supporters, saying Microsoft has much better people than MIT or any other University, and stuff like - who wants pure research in math anyway?

But what prompted me to write is: one of them told that his ambition is to work in the biggest missile company in the US (he was surprised that I havent heard the name). This, before returning to India, to create a missile company there. I, just to tease him, told - dont make missiles for US. They go about killing innocent people, like in Iraq. Dont kill people.

The guys reply? "I dont care. I just want to make money".

I: Well you dont care if they kill thousands of innocents, just like that?

He: I dont care. Security is most important.

I: But they didnt create any problems. There was no security issue.

He: Well I dont care. I just want to make money. To create my own company.

The other guy on the table was kind of supportive to this (he is a proud brahmin who says being vegetarian and being brahmin is part of religion).

Well. Both of them excellent minds. Exceptionally knowledgeable about Computer Science. But you talk politics , and ...

India becoming a superpower? Sometimes the feeling scares me.

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