Monday, August 31, 2009

Who are you trying to Kid, Mr. Nariman?

Mr. Justice Raveendran asked Mr. Nariman: "Why a sitting Minister? What is the position if the person happens to be the secretary of a party and who controls the entire Ministry. Will the question of bias won't apply even then." Mr. Nariman said: "I don't think that a secretary of a political party controls the Council of Ministers. The court will have to examine some new theory, if necessary by a larger Bench."

Also, Pinarai hired Fali S. Nariman. Fine. But Kerala government hired none other than Harish Salve (to argue in favour of Pinarai). Even for critical cases (mullaperiyar, the sexual harassment cases all of which were lost) they dont hire such stalwarts. So you are telling me this is not a biased government?

If Mr. Nariman knew at least a bit about Kerala CPI(M) politics, he wouldnt have made that statement (that sec of party doesnt control council of ministers). But of course mere knowledge is not enough. After all, though lawyers were children once, they aint any more. So, even though Mr Nariman is a legal luminary, writing books on saving democracy and indian legal system, shooting off letters now and then (intervening in current affairs), he too can be bought?

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